Download Libraries for C Programs

Of course, even C developers won’t write all the functions and structures themselves but use stuff others have written for them instead. But how? Download source code from their official sites and compile them one by one? Probably, but not always. That’s of course one way of doing it. If they want to make thing simpler though, usually they can also just install these libraries with their package manager such as apt and pacman, like apt install libssl-dev for OpenSSL libraries and apt install libev-dev for libev. This way, they can also ensure that they are using the same version of the library as the users of the program they write. Actually, if you use your package manager often enough, you probably have installed many libraries youselves but you just may not have realized what they do.

*If they want to have a look at the souce program though, it’s of course better to download directly from the official site of the library.