Alpine Linux on iOS (iPad)

  1. Find a new keyboard
  2. Create a new user [Official Post Installation Recommendations]
  3. Install APK, the package manager for Alpine Linux
  4. Find an APK mirror close to me
  5. Install manpage [nixCraft] (apk --help, as it turns out, is good enough…)
  6. Install git sudo apk add git
  7. Install zsh sudo apk add zsh
  8. Install curl sudo apk add curl
  9. Use curl to install OhMyZsh (tried wget but failed)
  10. Download dotfiles from GitLab and create a softlink for my zsh config file ( ln -s ~/dotfiles/shell/zshrc ~/.zshrc (should have done it after step #6)
  11. Install “build-essential” sudo apk add alpine-sdk (there is also a smaller package call build-base. More information can be found here)
  12. Download and install vim using git (install dependencies like ncurses, ncurses-lib, and ncurses-dev)
  13. Done




Writing short notes.

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Writing short notes.

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